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Subcategory: Ecclesiastical Chalise Set

Communion, as a great spiritual moment of Christ offering and sharing Himself to the Humanity. The designs as well as the production is being made according to the Byzantine tradition, hand made. Can be produced gold platted 24K, pure silver 950 or Enamel. The complete set includes, communion cup, paten, asterisk, spoon and lance.

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Code: MER126
Price: $2586.43
Code: MER125
Price: $2586.43
Code: MAN103-03
Price: $2873.82
Code: MAN103-04
Price: $2969.60
Code: MAN103-05
Price: $2873.82
Code: MAN103-06
Price: $2873.82
Code: MAN103-07
Price: $2586.43
Code: MAN103-08
Price: $1264.48
Code: MAN103-09
Price: $1436.90
Code: MAN103-10
Price: $929.21
Code: MAN103-11
Price: $766.35
Code: 6420-44
Price: $632.24
Code: 6420-88
Price: $718.46
Code: 6430-44
Price: $593.92
Code: 6430-88
Price: $680.15
Code: 6435-00
Price: $507.71
Code: MER127
Price: $2107.47
Code: MER128
Price: $2490.64
Code: MAN130-21
Price: $168.60
Code: MAN130-22
Price: $101.56

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