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One of ReligiousNet's strategic goal is to support philanthropies and the "heroes" that accomplish them, who have devoted their lives to serve humankind. We, the family of ReligiousNet, admire and respect these people. We feel that we have the moral obligation to support them with any means we have.

ReligiousNet gives the opportunity to Christians around the globe that accomplish philanthropic efforts to promote them through our site, as well as potentially get financial aid. We have decided that 3% of the collections of this site, from the sales that are over $100, to be offered to such efforts.

Below is a list of links of the philanthropic efforts that ReligiousNet currently supports. You can click on each link to see more details about a particular effort, as well as have the opportunity to make a private and secure donation.

Eccleciastical Orphanage of Vouliagmenh - Greece
Lerio Foundation of orphans and poor people "the Apostles"of Holy Monastery of St. Trinity - Greece
Restoration Center of Maladjusted People "DAMARIS" - Greece
Holy Foundation Eyaggelistrias of Tinos - Greece

Philanthropy can be defined in many ways. The word comes from the Greek, meaning "love for mankind." Modern definitions include the concept of voluntary giving by an individual or group to promote the common good and improve the quality of life.

phi·lan·thro·py (f-lnthr-p) n., pl. phi·lan·thro·pies.
  • The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.
  • Love of humankind in general.
  • Something, such as an activity or institution, intended to promote human welfare.
  • [Late Latin philanthrpia, from Greek from philanthrpos, humane, benevolent: phil-, philo-, philo- + anthrpos, man, mankind.]
    Source: www.dictionary.com

    If you encounter technical problems with this web site, please send email to webmaster@ReligiousNet.com.